JR Foods provide both contract manufacturing services to other food establishments as well as Institutional and Event catering. Our contract manufacturing services enable restaurants, international chains or brand owners to outsource their preparation, cooking and packing of products to JR Foods – thus reducing their manpower numbers and also ensuring consistency in the quality of foods. Our modern central kitchen is fully equipped to deliver menu development, R&D, mass food production, packaging and QA services, catering to each customer’s requirements.

Our institutional and event catering division are customized to the needs of our customers, taking into account special dietary requirements.

Utilizing our well-developed cook-chill technology, thousands of meals are produced with the highest standards of food safety implemented and adhered to at each level. JR Foods has catered to various institutions and large-scale events including the 3rd ASEAN Schools Games and F1 races, supplying thousands of meals a day.

Our Cook-Chill and Cook-Freeze technology maintains the freshness of the food at the highest level of food safety and quality, even after re-heating. The ready-to-eat foods are perfect solutions for hotels and restaurants that cater to large volumes of customers on a regular basis, and are also great for food establishments that do not have the benefit of having a fully-equipped kitchen on-site.